Knowledgeable, compassionate, efficient care with real results.

Manual therapy that can help you achieve your goals.


More than “just a massage”

I believe that my clients deserve the best care possible.
I can offer you anything from a thorough relaxation-oriented Swedish massage for reduction of stress symptoms to medical massage that is indicated for your diagnosed dysfunction.

To help you achieve your goals, I continually attend continuing education classes in my field in internationally-recognized systems of manual therapy.




What I can do for you:

“Can massage help me with this?”

Research on massage therapy is always expanding. While it is difficult to do double-blind studies on manual therapies, there are many excellent case studies regarding the effect of myofascial release, CranioSacral Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, lymphatic drainage, and other modalities within the scope of practice of a massage therapist.
The most well-researched line of inquiry may be the results of lowered physical stress, and that’s why I will always be enthusiastic regarding relaxation massages - sometimes that’s exactly what we need!

If in doubt… send me a message! I’ll give you the best, most updated information I have available, and it never hurts to ask.


My Personal pledge

I go to several seminars every year to keep myself up to date in my continuing education. I always seek to have resources and answers for my clients. You deserve to have the best care and the best options possible!

You shouldn’t have to live with pain

You shouldn’t have to continue to be in pain and be without answers. If you haven’t found a way to address your symptoms, then let’s make a plan together.


Short term relief, long term results

Not only can I give you a professional assessment of any pain patterns or symptoms of dysfunction you may have, but I can also help you feel your absolute best!

Once my clients reach the therapeutic goals we have set, we decide what we should plan for maintenance. This could mean anything from regular relaxation massages to balancing the body after frequent activities. It’s also common that my client and I may decide their symptoms seem stable and they can just call me the next time they feel like it! We can help manage stress symptoms with relaxation, and we can also regularly meet to maintain any symptoms they think are connected to their regular activities.



"Put it where it belongs and get it to move."

- Ida Rolf, founder of structural integration, AKA “Rolfing.”



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